Running out of RAM/swap with GCG10/W2H 3.1....

Chris Botka botka at CGL.UCSF.EDU
Mon Apr 26 19:01:07 EST 1999

greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org (Dr. Greg Quinn) wrote on 21 Apr 1999:
> I'm seeing some problems with W2H coupled with the use of GCG
> version 10; we're maxing out on RAM/swap with FASTA searches (set
> single processor on a two processor box), which I've never seen
> before. Just happening to me? G.

This is not happening to us.  But I did notice this.

Running with GCGMaxProcessors set to 1, I get ave cpu usage > 100%  
with fasta from the GCG10 command line and W2H.  Also, FATSA seems  
to default to GCGMaxProcessors even if you set -proc=n on the  
command line.  Strange.

When I run GCG blast and set GCGMaxProcessors to 1 I get cpu  
averages < 100% and the -proc=n flag seems to work correctly.

The fasta thing happens outside of GCG with fasta3.X -T 1 giving me  
cpu averages > 100%.

Don't know if it's DEC related or FASTA related.



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