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Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Wed Apr 21 19:11:40 EST 1999

Chad Price wrote:

> I've noticed the dearth of postings and the amount of Spam on the
> newsgroup and decided to do something about it.  I have created two
> email lists on my server:
>         gcg-users
>         gcg-managers
> [...]

    Would you please post messages from your email servers to
bionet.software.gcg?  I loath email lists but would like to keep abreast
of what is being said with regards to GCG.  Also, stuff posted here gets
archived at bionet and dejanews, making it easy to access later.  Even if
you are planning to archive the messages to your email groups, that's just
another place to check.

> I am currently the list owners (but _not_ moderator) and will endeavor
> to keep my hands off list content; however I will remove from the list
> folks who continually post off-topic material. The newsgroups have
> shown that total anarchy doesn't work - someone is always trying to
> make a buck off others and thinks that everyone wants to see their
> sales material.

    Spam is odious but in a group that averages less than 5 posts a day
(counting the spam) does it really matter?  Not to be contrary, but "total
anarchy" is working fine for me.

Phillip San Miguel

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