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Chad Price cprice at inetnebr.com
Tue Apr 20 20:51:51 EST 1999

I've noticed the dearth of postings and the amount of Spam on the
newsgroup and decided to do something about it.  I have created two
email lists on my server:

These are majordomo lists and are available for subscriptions.  send
email to:
	majordomo at molbio.unmc.edu

with the body of your message as:
	subscribe gcg-users
	subscribe gcg-managers

These lists are (for now) on the open+confirm policy. You will be
asked via return email to confirm that you did ask to be subscribed to
the list. Just follow the directions in the message. 

These lists are in no way run by, associated with, or controlled by
the folks at GCG in Madison, altough they are welcome to subscribe and
comment the same as anyone else.

The Charter of the lists is that they are about topics related to
running/using the programs included in the GCG suite of programs
(gcg-users) or about how to manage systems running the GCG
software. The list info can be obtained by sending email to 
	majordomo at molbio.unmc.edu
the contents of your message should be
	info gcg-users
	info gcg-managers

No subject line is necessary.

I am currently the list owners (but _not_ moderator) and will endeavor
to keep my hands off list content; however I will remove from the list
folks who continually post off-topic material. The newsgroups have
shown that total anarchy doesn't work - someone is always trying to
make a buck off others and thinks that everyone wants to see their
sales material. 

Chad Price
University of Nebraska Medical Center

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