extensions for seqlab

Paula Burch pburch at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Apr 13 16:40:47 EST 1999

I just installed clustalw as an extension for seqlab at our site.
The installation was extremely easy, but only because of the sample
config file included in the distribution. Writing a new one for
another program, or changing the configuration for this one, looks as
though it would be quite time consuming.

Do any of you have any additional seqlab extension config files, that
you'd be willing to share? 

What I'd really like to do, if I can find enough time, would be to
reconfigure clustalw so as to produce the tree information - none
appears to be produced using the file I have - and then add a tool to
view the tree. Wouldn't that be great? Added ease of use would mean
that many more users would be able to use it.

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