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Victor Fursov fursov at MEIJO-U.AC.JP
Sun Apr 11 23:04:26 EST 1999

Dear Colleagues,

Could you help me in new references/ copies of your publications about:

Marker chromosome, derived from chromosome 22, or

Cat Eye syndrome and marker chromosome 22, or

deletion chromosome 9(q21-qter).

Your kind help will be very much appreciated.
Our current literetaure access is very limited.

Dr.Zerova Tatiana 
Department of Medical Genetics,
Kiev Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education,
Ministry of Health of Ukraine,
Kiev, Vladimirskaya Street,
D-51/53, KB-73,
TEL: (44)-224-9980.
TEL: (44)-224-9333.
fax: (44)-229-6940.
e-mail:  fursov at ukrpack.net

Victor Fursov  fursov at meijo-u.ac.jp

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