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Here is the summary of answers and posts I received on the above

1) Jerry Learn <Learn at u.washington.edu> wrote;

>Molecular Systematics, by Hillis, Moritz and Mable, is published by
>Sinauer Associates (ISBN 0-87893-282-8)
>I recommend it highly. It should be very useful to you. The PAUP* 4.0
>manual should also be useful; it will be available from the same
>publishers (ISBN 0-87893-801-X)

2) "David Ghosh, PhD" <dghosh at isbi.net> wrote;

>Just a brief note to let you know that these and other references can
>ordered through the online bookstore at the site referenced below. 
There is not much on the site itself pertaining to evolutionary
analysis, but perhaps some of the material in the "General Molecular
Biology Sites" links relates to the subject.
>David Ghosh, PhD
>Institute for Transcriptional Informatics
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3) Richard Friedman <friedman at cuccfa.ccc.columbia.edu> wrote:

>Dear Charles,
> I am in the same boat you are. I am finding the book
>Molecular Evolution, by Wen-Hsiung Li, a good introduction
>to the field. You can find out more about it at:
>Best wishes,

4) browns02 at mcrcr.med.nyu.edu (Stuart M. Brown) posted to
>I wrote a one lecture synopsis of phylogenetics for my bioinformatics
>My course notes are on the web:
** (Charles' Note:  The above link is a very nice page.  For those who
don't have any or much background on the subject, it's a very gentle

>Here are a few other web sites (courses) that contained useful
information that
>I used in writing my condensed version:

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