translating NEXUS format to .MSF format

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Thu Mar 26 13:16:20 EST 1998

Readseq will do PAUP/NEXUS to GCG/MSF translations, but
it is out-of-date.  The translations may not work
in some cases depending on NEXUS input data. And it may not be
current with changes to GCG (v.9) MSF format (new indel char?).  
I do keep promising to update readseq, and it is still on my list 
todo, but I can't give a date.

- Don

In article <learn-2603980903110001 at tench.microbiol.washington.edu>,
Jerry Learn <learn at u.washington.edu> wrote:
>Although I have not used it for this particular conversion, I think that
>Don Gilbert's readseq program should do this. It is available as C source
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>> Dear Colleagues,
>> Do any of you know of a program which can translate NEXUS format (input to 
>> PAUP) to the GCG standard .MSF format?
>> Best Regards from Geneva,
>> Cynthia
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