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Manfred Gessler <gessler at rzbox.uni-wuerzburg.de> wrote:
>there is a seqweb interface available to GCG which is not cheap and
>seems to have some serious drawbacks. Most importantly, you can no
>longer directly use the same sequences with regular UNIX command line
>programs as they are stored in an unaccessible server directory. So
>one has to shuffle around a lot of sequences to run programs not
>included in seqweb or unrelated to GCG.
>There are several alternative web interfaces to GCG in development. 
>Is there anybody who knows more abour the respective features,
>pros/cons and current development status of these options?

We use W2H here.  Just some pros and cons, in no particular order:


1) Works with any version of Netscape from 2 onwards
2) Can be integrated with your machine's batch queues
3) Shares configuration information with SeqLab, so the user
   interface for each program is very similar to how it is in
4) Can share user data with command line GCG programs


1) Doesn't support lookup
2) Tends to break whenever a new release of GCG comes out
3) The mechanism it uses to execute jobs as a particular user has some
   serious security implications, especially if you allow interactive
   use of the same machine.
4) It used not to work that well with Internet Explorer, although I
   have not tested that recently.
5) Configuration is not simple.

Although I've put more cons than pros, the cons are generally more
minor than the pros!


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