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Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jun 23 03:29:48 EST 1998

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TaffetS <taffets at aol.com> wrote:
>I know this has been covered before but I'd like an update.  What type of
>system would be required to run the Unix version of GCG.  We currently run GCG
>on a DEC Alpha (VMS) but some of our users would like to run Seqweb.

Why should SeqWeb influence your choice of platform?  As far as web
browsers are concerned it won't matter, as long as SeqWeb runs on it.

I would caution against SeqWeb though.  It's very expensive, only
works with very new browsers (for no readily apparent reason), and has
absolutely no support for batched running of programs, which means any
user can run a dozen fasta jobs simultaneously and bring even a fairly
powerful machine to its knees.  No thanks.

>  Although
>100 or more are users  on our site, we rarely have more than two users on at
>the same time.  By the way any thoughts of what a suggested system may cost
>would be welcome.

Ah, in that case you may be able to get away with SeqWeb.  My site has
1500 users, roughly 50 of whom are logged on at any one time, and
usually a dozen or so of them are using GCG.  Consequently I have to
control CPU use quite carefully.  It may not be such an issue for you.


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