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> I was sent a demo of Sequencher (http://www.genecodes.com), and was
> thinking seriously about "defecting" from GCG to Sequencher, but haven't
> seen it mentioned in this thread.  Haven't people heard of Sequencher, or
> are there other reasons?  New software of this calibre is rather
> expensive, so I value feedback from other experienced users.
> Andrew Louka
> Institute of Transplantation Immunology
> University of Oslo, Norway

We have a site license for Sequencher (3 copies for 100 labs) and I
absolutely swear by it.
It is not a question of "defecting" from GCG since Sequencher really only
does fragment
assembly - but it does it superbly.  I find the most valuable feature to
be the ability to
align the colored traces ("electropherograms") from ABI sequencers with
the multiply
aligned sequences from various gel reads.  This allows value judgements
about which
read has the correct base when resolving conflicts in a consensus sequence
- this saves
many repeated sequencing reactions which saves time and money in
sequencing projects.

If you think about it, the Sequencher  product competes directly with GCG
- which most
labs have access to for free or minimal cost, and it competes with ABI's
own fragment
assembly software- which is generally packaged in with the cost of the
In order to survive and make money, this software MUST be good.

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