GCG substitutes

Andrew S. Louka alouka at writeme.com
Wed Jun 17 07:03:22 EST 1998

I was sent a demo of Sequencher (http://www.genecodes.com), and was
thinking seriously about "defecting" from GCG to Sequencher, but haven't
seen it mentioned in this thread.  Haven't people heard of Sequencher, or
are there other reasons?  New software of this calibre is rather
expensive, so I value feedback from other experienced users.

Andrew Louka
Institute of Transplantation Immunology
University of Oslo, Norway

>What DNA and Protein Analysis software are you aware of that would do 
>some of the things that GCG would do and perhaps be friendlier?
>What do you know about it?  How could I find out more?  Would you recommend

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