GCG substitutes

greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Fri Jun 12 14:53:05 EST 1998

Tim Cutts (tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk) wrote:
: Well, for $2500 you get something that only works on Netscape
: Communicator or IE4 (which immediately rules out well over half of my
: users, who have old Macs that couldn't hope to run Communicator - they
: struggle with Netscape 3)

(Tim, I make a relatively trivial comment in this thread; Communicator seems to 
use less resources on my machines than Netscape 3. Many  machines 
here are old Macs and they do seem to run the Navigator component of Communicator 
just fine; the problem is that the layout of communicator is quite different and 
that tends to scare people from bothering to upgrade.)

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