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	tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk (Tim Cutts) writes:

> It has absolutely no support for running jobs in batch, so you as the
> sysadmin have no control over how many jobs are running on your
> machine.  This means that a malicious user could just overload your
> machine with two dozen fasta searches and you couldn't stop it.

	There is nothing more that a poor command-line interface, as far
as I can understand both paper and web pages. Also, something I really
dislike is (quoting http://www.gcg.com/products/seqweb_details.html )

Concentrate on the key parameters.

      Each program in SeqWeb presents a condensed list of program parameters,
each with a default answer already assigned (except for the input file). 
There's no need to memorize command-line syntax. 

	That means that a luser that start with seqweb and become an
advanced user will have to go back to the command-line to have access
to specific parameters, not listed on the web page...

	Typically the OML syndrom...

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