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Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Tue Jun 9 22:18:07 EST 1998

There are various folks working on the concept of separating the
user interface from the analysis programs, and I think this is be 
a useful approach to making such programs easier to use.  
Of course web interfaces abound now for various individual
analyses.  There are GCG-web interfaces, and GCG company has one
soon to release (and will sell it for an arm/leg).

My own work in progress SeqPup takes this approach - use the analysis
software you need, whether GCG, Clustal, tacg, fastdnaml, etc..., 
running on your own workstation or on a server computer.  GCG's SeqLab
is something like this (but requires XWindows), and Martin Senger at
EMBL is working on a general CORBA interface to seq. analysis software.

Peter Rice's EMBOSS (at sanger.ac.uk) will be a freely distributable set of 
analysis programs, but as I understand with commandline (or maybe
GCG style character mode prompting) interfaces.  Some other programs
specializing in user interface like SeqPup, web forms or java applets
can be the front-end to such. 

I can't especially recommend SeqPup now if you need a smooth product,
but it is improving.  I suspect some of the other good user-interface
programmers out there will have software out soon along these lines.
There is a company in Ohio (Netgenetics?) that may have a like product
out soon (it will be commercial).  There is a company called MAG
that has a product LOOK which while originally focused on molecular
modelling + some protein functions, is moving toward gene analysis.
It is interesting, but also at arm+leg prices.  GeneCodes' Sequencher
is pretty widely liked as easy to use and robust analysis of sequencing

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>>What DNA and Protein Analysis software are you aware of that would do 
>>some of the things that GCG would do and perhaps be friendlier?
>>What do you know about it?  How could I find out more?  Would you recommend
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