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>What DNA and Protein Analysis software are you aware of that would do 
>some of the things that GCG would do and perhaps be friendlier?
>What do you know about it?  How could I find out more?  Would you recommend

If you are getting sequence data from ABI sequencers, then you should look
at Staden.  It is an X-Windows program that lets you build contigs using
the trace files from the ABI.  It is a bit buggy (under Solaris 2.5.X) but
does some neat tricks, like:

   Click on the contig at a spot where you are wondering (T or G?) and
Staden will open all of the trace files for the sequences that are used to
build the contig.

   It automatically calculates the reverse sequence tracse and inverts the
images (so you work backward along the trace file with the data flipped).

Staden has a web site.  The program comes out of MRC in Cambridge, UK.

I would love to see a summary of all of the replies that you get.

ps.  Let me know if you want me to email you a copy of the help sheet for
running Staden.

pps. Staden may handle other Sequence Data files besides ABI.
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