Server recommendation?

Harry Hahn h3 at ucla.edu
Wed Jun 3 17:55:18 EST 1998

We're hoping to upgrade our GCG server soon. Currently, we're running a
DEC Alpha 3000/600 and we're rather unhappy with its performance serving
several hundred users.

The replacement we have our eye on is the Digital AlphaServer 1200, with
the 533 MHz Alpha. If we can get the funds, we'd go with a dual-CPU
config, otherwise a single CPU until a later time.

Does anyone have experience with this model, especially with regard to
using it as a platform for GCG? I am very impressed with the performance
of the Alpha architecture, and not having to learn the ins-and-outs of
another vendor's Unix is a plus. Are there any compelling reasons *NOT* to
go with this machine?

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Harry Hahn <h3 at ucla.edu>
Research and Instructional Biocomputing Services - UCLA

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