How good is SeqWeb?

Ed Rybicki ed at MOLBIOL.UCT.AC.ZA
Thu Jul 16 04:43:15 EST 1998

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> "We will never support UNIX on Intel"
> It's very sad that there are still companies around who think like
> that.  Still, it's just one more piece of evidence that the GCG
> marketing people have no idea where their biggest market is.

...or UNIX on HP, either...and as our IT people are shutting down our 
VAX (Alpha AXP), we suddenly are faced with the prospect of not 
having a machine on our campus that can run GCG!  After 10 years or 
so, too....  Oh, well, thank deities for the NCBI and BLAST searches, 
and Des Higgins and the like for the various CLUSTALs - which work on 
PCs too, I might point out.

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