SeqLab vs SeqWeb

Chris Botka botka at CGL.UCSF.EDU
Fri Jul 10 15:41:44 EST 1998

I have another question about this.

"Joseph J. King, Ph.D." wrote on Fri, 10 Jul 1998:
> Researchers save
> their results to the location of their choosing using the SeqWeb
> client.

Is there a default location?  This will make it difficult for users  
who use both the command line and seqweb or SeqLab and seqweb to  
manage their files.  I would assume on most systems "nobody" does  
not have write privs to the user's home directories.  So, a seqweb  
user would not be able to save GCG output files or files retrieved  
from a database to thier home directories.  The user needs to manage  
2 sets of files if they have GCG files in their home directory.   
Also, what about accounting for disk space usage?

> 2) What permissions/access privledges are needed by the web
> server for users to see their data?
> No special privileges are required.  In fact, SeqWeb is designed
> so that it can run as "nobody."  This is a more secure
> arrangement then having the server run as root so that it can
> change users at login or gain access to all users' files on your
> system.

  When we received the first beta version of seqweb, it came with a  
web server.  Has this changed?  We have our own web server and a  
couple of different document trees for secure pages public pages and  
development.  I am not anxious to try to change this and add a new  
server.  The GCG web interfaces we've developed in house run a set  
uid program so the web server runs as the user.  I think this is  
similar to W2H.  Is this possible to do with seqweb?

If seqweb is running as "nobody", and a user chooses to keep files  
in their home directories read/write only by owner, they will not  
have access to them from seqweb.

> > 3) What impact on system security might the web interface pose?
> Since the SeqWeb server runs as a non-privileged user and never
> has to access files outside of the Wisconsin Package and SeqWeb,
> it is no less secure than your average web server and CGI.

Yes, but how do I account CPU usage? GCG even comes with some  
logging.  Running seqweb this way leaves a logfile file filled with  
user "nobody" running GCG programs.  This can't be a good solution.


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