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Steve Smith Steve at gcg.com
Thu Jul 9 15:38:29 EST 1998

Paul Roy wrote:
> Dear GCGers:
>      I haven't followed closely the postings about SeqWeb, but we are now
> faced with the decision of installing an X-emulator on several new PC's in
> a student lab or, alternatively, buying a license for SeqWeb.  Does anyone
> have experience with both and a clear preference for one or the other?
> Or any "inside" info from GCG on future development?  Will SeqWeb replace
> SeqLab and will buying several copies of X-emulators for PC's be a waste
> of time?
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Hi Paul,
  I may be able to shed some light on this.  First of all, both methods of
accessing the package are here to stay.  Both will have enhancements made to
  SeqWeb is a very straight forward interface to the Wisconsin Package. It is
very easy to use even by people who have not used GCG in the past. It gives
access to all major application domains in the package, and will be expanded to
access more in the future.  It was designed to work in much the way that people
expect web pages to behave, and simplifies many of the more complicated aspects
of the Wisconsin Package.  Output is hypertext with links to original sequences
and (optionally) to other external resources such as NCBI and ExPASy, and
access to online help is excellent.
  SeqLab is the interface to the Wisconsin Package for power users.  It does
not attempt to hide some of the more complex (and powerful) aspects of the
package, but also requires a much deeper understanding of the Wisconsin Package
(naming conventions, file types, logical names).  SeqLab has advanced editing
capabilities today which will find there way into SeqWeb in the future.  We
will also be bringing out an X windows based fragment assembly add on for
SeqLab (called SeqMerge) shortly.
  Which is the right one?  It all depends on how the person uses the Wisconsin


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