SeqLab vs SeqWeb

greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Thu Jul 9 13:03:45 EST 1998

Francois Jeanmougin (pingouin at crystal.u-strasbg.fr) wrote:
: 	If GCG could put better information (or made it, I can't check
: GCG web site so often) on SeqWeb, we would be gratefull.

I must agree with you; we are currently deciding on whether to go with 
SeqWeb but all I have really to go on are the screenshots at the GCG 
site; what would be rather helpful would be if GCG could have a demo or 
dummy interface running at their site which people could try out (much 
the same as 'W2H' has a simple demo interface). For an academic 
Institute, the Web interface costs more than half as much as the basic 
software, and needs some degree of justification. (Also a blow-by-blow 
analysis of  the interface in comparison both Martin Senger's and Marc 
Collet's Web interfaces would make it easier for me to get a purchase 

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