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	proy at rsvs.ulaval.ca (Paul Roy) writes:
> Dear GCGers:
>      I haven't followed closely the postings about SeqWeb, but we are now
> faced with the decision of installing an X-emulator on several new PC's in
> a student lab or, alternatively, buying a license for SeqWeb.  Does anyone
> have experience with both and a clear preference for one or the other?
> Or any "inside" info from GCG on future development?  Will SeqWeb replace
> SeqLab and will buying several copies of X-emulators for PC's be a waste
> of time?

	As far as I know :

	There is no sequence editor or multiple aplignment editor under
Seqweb. Seqlab has a gorgeous multiple alignment editor.

	Some options disapeared in the seqweb interface, I had no clear
answer on how they decided to remove some options (browse the group
in the archives, there was a little discussion).

	It seems that sequence files used by seqweb are not stored
in the user $HOME. So, if people are using text interface also, you
should have to do some formation and I don't how all of this is secure.
(Any information is welcome).

	If GCG could put better information (or made it, I can't check
GCG web site so often) on SeqWeb, we would be gratefull.


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