chopuping multiple files

ISHIKAWA Jun jun at nih.go.jp
Sat Jan 10 00:02:14 EST 1998

In article <h3-0901980934010001 at lepton.ribs.ucla.edu> h3 at ucla.edu (Harry Hahn) writes:

> I recently had to run chopup on a large number of
> automated-sequencer-generated sequences and discovered "chopup *" does not
> work. Then I had to reverse the sequences and discovered "reverse" has the
> same, um, "feature."
> Any suggestions on how to make this process easier? We're running the Korn
> shell and I imagine there's a way but I'm stumped for now and would
> appreciate some pointers.

Try below

$ for i in * [return]
> do [return]
> chopup -default $i [return]
> done [return]


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