2BIT format?

William R. Pearson wrp at alpha0.bioch.virginia.edu
Sat Feb 21 11:11:09 EST 1998

friard at area.ba.cnr.it (Olivier Friard) writes:

> I found on the new release of EMBL (53) at EBI a directory named GCG that 
> contains 2 types of files (.SEQ and .REF). In the .SEQ file, they are 2 
> types of sequences: the first one type is classic readable ASCII but 
> the second one is 2BIT unreadable format. Does someone know how read this 
> 2BIT format?

The fasta2 and fasta3 packages can read GCG's 2bit format.  It is very
simple.  Take a look at the source code from
ftp.virginia.edu/pub/fasta in the file nxgetaa.c - the function
gcg_getlib() has the code you need.

Bill Pearson

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