GCG figure files and PCs

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> Subject:       Re: GCG figure files and PCs

> In article <6cdlma$knc$1 at nntp1.ba.best.com>,
> Greg  <jquinn at shell7.ba.best.com> wrote:
> >Mike Mitchell <m.mitchell at icrf.icnet.uk> wrote:
> >> I know that there is a Mac application, GCGFigure, that will convert a Figure
> >> file into a Mac PICT file. Is there a Windows application that will perform an
> >> equivalent conversion?
> >For what it's worth Mike, the Ardi program called 'Executor' is a Mac

> the PC is so that he can then put it in PC documents, so getting into PICT
> format doesn't help much.

Actually, PaintShop Pro (shareware) can take a PICT file and convert 
it into a bitmap, so no probs there.

> In particular, try using GCG's HPGL output driver.  Assuming you want this
> output to end up in a Microsoft Office document of some sort, you can then
> use the HPGL import filter that comes with Microsoft Office, and works with
> both PowerPoint and Word.
Best option, tho!!

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