Running v.8 under v.9 GCG

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Tue Feb 10 10:00:10 EST 1998

shifting to the GCG 8 environment under UNIX (by sourcing gcgstartup and
genetics) indeed takes too much time. What you can do is to write a script
that contains only the essential parts. It is a lot of work to do that
and we did it only for a few of our local developments. I give an
example below.

	Guy Bottu


setenv GCGBINROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /sw/gcg81/gcgbin/oblib
setenv GCGCOREROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv GCGHELPROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv GCGWPIROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv GCGWPIBINROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv GCGDOCROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv GCGSOURCEROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv GCGEMBLROOT /db/gcgdata
setenv GCGGENBANKROOT /db/gcgdata
setenv GCGPIRROOT /db/gcgdata
setenv GCGSWISSPROTROOT /db/gcgdata
setenv GCGSRSROOT /sw/gcg81
setenv GCGUTILDIR /sw/gcg81/gcgbin/execute
setenv LOCALGENUTIL /sw/gcglocal/execute
setenv GCGNID `$GCGUTILDIR/tablemap`
$GCGUTILDIR/name -q -infile=/sw/gcg81/gcgcore/script/gcglogicals
setenv PREGCGPATH "$path"
set path=($path /sw/gcg81/gcgcore/script $GCGUTILDIR )
$GCGUTILDIR/name -q -infile=/sw/gcg81/gcgcore/script/gcguserspecs
$GCGUTILDIR/name -q -infile=/sw/gcg81/siteuserspecs
$GCGUTILDIR/name -q -infile=/sw/gcg81/sitelogicals
set noglob

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