Running v.8 under v.9 GCG

Rick Westerman westerm at purdue.edu
Tue Feb 10 14:45:23 EST 1998

> In regards to running EGCG v. 8 in GCG v. 9 environments, it gets even
> messier ... a big problem comes up when people want to use GCG v. 9
> msf files in EGCG v. 8 because of the new tilde (~) place holder 
> character that GCG has adopted.  

Well I am just beginning my exploration of all of the v.8 under v.9
issues so I imagine that the rest of you are way ahead of me on these
issues but couldn't the v.8 package be modified to recognize the tilde

At the moment I am doing what Steve has done; e.g., put big warning
messages around the v.8 programs that use MSF files.  But I want to try
the modification idea out later this week.  If any one has successfully
(or unsuccessfully) tried this out then please let me know.

-- Rick

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