Running v.8 under v.9 GCG

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at chouchen.u-strasbg.fr
Tue Feb 10 04:54:17 EST 1998

In article <34DF6EE9.6DDEEAC3 at purdue.edu>,
	Rick Westerman <westerm at purdue.edu> writes:

> I know that this is a rather obvious tactic to use, but if this
> so-called "version 8 compatibility mode" idea helps out one other system
> manager then, IMHO, this post will be worthwhile.

	I see.. You are running VMS, hmmm? This could not easily be done
on a unix box, because of all the aliases that GCG make at startup to
mimicate VMS logical things. It could take several seconds to launch

	So here, we just provide both versions, and let the user chose
between GCG8.1 with EGCG8.1 and GCG9.

	Of course, you could remove most of the set noglob aliases by
making the user quote (with """, it works) the data that contains
GCG things (database:* ; @liste; .msf{*}), and probably we would
do that in the near furture for other reasons. And this will incrase
the speed of the startup procedure. 

	But switching dynamically from one version to the other is
not an easy to use solution under unix.


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