Availability of EGCG9?

Rick Westerman westerm at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 9 15:46:22 EST 1998

Disclaimer: While I have contributed a program ("PrettyBox") to the EGCG
package I am not at all connected with them.  I am not an EGCG software
tester nor do I know the "inside scoop" about the package.  Like many of
the rest of you I have been awaiting the arrival of EGCG version 9 and
have been wondering about the delay.  

Peter Rice's EGCG page (http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/EGCG/) contains
a rather pessimistic view of the EGCG project. Some key phrases:

... this will be the final release ...

... available some time early in 1998 ... (of course they said this in
1997 as well) 

... OBSOLETE and will not be further developed ...

... Supported platforms will be limited ...

... there are no plans to support [other platforms] in the future ...

Despite Steve Smith's (R&D Manager of GCG) assurances that GCG wishes to
support the EGCG community, I find the above rather disturbing.
Especially since my platform (AlphaVMS) is not one of the supported
ones.  I guess I'll have to take GCG's offer of:

... willing to provide platform access if needed to compile EGCG on all
supported platforms ...

But this is just a short term solution.  Since it appears that EGCG can
not be distributed in source form and since Peter Rice, et. al. will not
be allowed to distribute source code, then it seems to me that we might
as well write off EGCG in the future.  Peter won't work on it any more
and neither can the rest of us.

In my opinion this wouldn't be nearly as bad if GCG people would add the
EGCG improvements and de-novo programs to the GCG package.  But they
don't seem to be inclined to do so.  

BTW: If it isn't obvious, I am not complaining about Peter nor the rest
of the EGCG staff. They have my highest regard for creating and
maintaining (the hardest part!) this software.

-- Rick

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