Running v.8 under v.9 GCG

Rick Westerman westerm at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 9 16:02:33 EST 1998

Perhaps like some of you I didn't upgrade to version 9 when it first
came out -- partially due to the lack of EGCG programs and partially due
to the lack of source code so that I could keep some in-house
improvements to the package.  And, perhaps like some of you, I have
finally been forced to upgrade because Blast no longer works and because
my users are clamoring for some of the new version 9 programs.  But at
the same time my users also insist that the older programs (e.g.,
"PrettyBox" "PrettyPlot") be kept running.  My solution is to create a
command script for each old program that silently switches my users from
version 9 to version 8, runs the program, and then switches them back to
version 9.  This works for most applications so long as I make version 9
look at the version 8 sequence databases.

I know that this is a rather obvious tactic to use, but if this
so-called "version 8 compatibility mode" idea helps out one other system
manager then, IMHO, this post will be worthwhile.


-- Rick

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