A note to GCG users concerning remote BLAST

Steve Smith Steve at gcg.com
Thu Feb 5 10:34:23 EST 1998

As of January 31 1998, NCBI has discontinued the Experimental
BLAST server.  Remote databases are no longer available to the
GCG version of BLAST.  Local Databases will work as they always

GCG customers should use the new program NetBlast to perform
remote BLAST searches at NCBI.  If you are running a version of
GCG prior to release 9.1, then you should upgrade.  Site Managers
wishing to disable the remote databases listed in standard BLAST
should edit the file GenRunData:blast.rdbs, and comment out all
remote databases using the '!' character as described in that file.
Do not delete the file GenRunData:blast.rdbs.

If you have any additional questions about NetBlast, please
contact us at help at gcg.com.

Steven Smith
R and D Manager
Genetics Computer Group, a subsidiary of Oxford Molecular
mailto:steve at gcg.com

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