What GCG Seqlab Extensions do you want?

Charles Alexander calex at genesys.miner.rochester.edu
Wed Dec 2 09:51:41 EST 1998

Francois Jeanmougin wrote:

> In article <subhfvfohuc.fsf at unst.sanger.ac.uk>,
>         Peter Rice <pmr at sanger.ac.uk> writes:
> > EGCG 9.1 is stalled because GCG claim ownership rights to all the
> > code.  In particular, they refuse to let me reuse any of my source
> > code in any other development.
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You know I was worried about this when GCG first announced this change.  I
understand the need to keep intellectual property protected.  However , in
this case I believe GCG is shooting itself in the foot.  I wonder if they
would consider a conditional agreement for using the code for free.  This may
include not using the code for profit etc.  Besides aren't a lot of programs
just given to GCG (ie. FASTA etc.) ?  I seem to recall they don't pay for
program submissions.

I know here at the UR, folks would love to have the EGCG option as a Seqlab
menu option.  But, I'll settle for EMBOSS (hint! hint!...Peter)  :)

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