What GCG Seqlab Extensions do you want?

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Dec 1 13:08:43 EST 1998

Charles Alexander <calex at genesys.miner.rochester.edu> writes:
> That's mighty generous of you.  I guess my wish list would include the
> EGCG suite from EMBL (they maybe already working on this)

Sorry, no chance with EGCG. It is now from the Sanger Centre by the way
(it moved with me from EMBL in 1994).

EGCG 9.1 is stalled because GCG claim ownership rights to all the
code.  In particular, they refuse to let me reuse any of my source
code in any other development.

As a result I have dropped all work on EGCG 9.1 and am concentrating
on its replacement (EMBOSS) which has free source code.

There was a chance to incorporate EGCG 8.1 into WPI (the predecessor
of SeqLab) which had similar .config files and had source code. It
needed some major changes to integrate the EGCG help files and
directory trees.

I looked into this for SeqLab and concluded it was difficult at best,
and maybe impossible.

Curiously, it will be easier to integrate EMBOSS than to integrate
EGCG into SeqLab :-)

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