What GCG Seqlab Extensions do you want?

roybatty at altavista.net roybatty at altavista.net
Tue Dec 1 08:52:54 EST 1998

Hello all,

you can add your own extensions (external non-GCG
utilities) to Seqlab by writing configuration files
for them and adding them to Seqlab's extension.menu file.
This is documented in the GCG manuals.

It looks like this is a rarely used feature. I was
looking for publicly available (or even commercial)
Seqlab extensions on the web and did not find anything.

Now I want to write such extensions myself.
The problem here is that I am not a molecular biologist
(I'm rather a computer scientist working for molecular
biologists). So I don't know what external programs
and utilities are available to include in the extensions
menu. Please help me:

What utilities would you like to see in the GCG extensions menu?

You can think about free ones and even commercial ones.
If it is a free one I can download and test it myself. In this
case please provide a URL where I can find further information.
For commercial programs this is more complicated. I will need
to know a detailed list of possible command line parameters
and -values and won't be able to test the interface myself.
So I'd prefer free or publicly available utilities.

If I get a good feedback here I will make my Seqlab-extensions
publicly available somewhere on the web, and everyone will
be able to use them for free.

So, go ahead and send me your suggestions! Please send mails.
(I usually do not monitor this newsgroup)

- Roy

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