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Paula Burch pburch at bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Aug 19 12:09:18 EST 1998

whitejo at PILOT.MSU.EDU ("Joseph A White") writes:
>Does anyone know of a PC equivalent for the Mac program "Search Launcher"?
>If so, where can I find it?

The BCM Search Launcher is available both via a web interface at the

and as a batch client, which must be the program to which you are
referring. The batch client for the BCM Search Launcher, formerly
available only for Unix and Macs, is now also available for Win32
Intel/x86 systems. 

You must also download perl (the language it's written in); only
Macintosh Power PC users get to skip acquiring and installing perl, 
by downloading a runtime version of the batch client, instead.

To download the batch client as well as perl, see


The batch clients are available in the search-launcher directory,
while perl for Microsoft Windows is available in the Win32-perl

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