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Aengus Stewart aengus.stewart at icrf.icnet.uk
Fri Aug 14 09:13:42 EST 1998

Joe King wrote:

> You wrote:
> > There is an interesting line in the docs that says
> >
> > "You must send the usage log to GCG for the software license renewal"
> >
> > How many people are willing to pass on a list of usernames from their
> > organistions.  Surely most places will view this as confidential
> > information?
> >
> There is no requirement for any site to ever send usernames to
> GCG.  The default report, as generated by SeqWeb, does not
> include user names.  I would appreciate it if you would
> correct this misimpression to the news group.  Unfortunately,
> I currently do not have write access to USENET.

Sorry, I have now double checked  and realise that I was wrong.
I have posted this message to the newsgroup as well.

However I would like to say that

1)  It is unclear in the System Support Manual - a clarification of this
would be nice to stop
      stupid support people like me grabbing the wrong end of the stick.

2)  Why do you need the usage logs anyway?  Surely a large pharmaceutical
(their security
      always seems to me to be of military strength) is still going to
baulk at supplying
      any private information about usage on their machines.


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