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> With GCG 9.1, I'm finding out that the evolutionary analysis programs
> are quite sophisticated.  Not having much background in the evolutionary
> analysis field, I thought I'd better read up on the subject so as to
> better serve my clients.
> I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on books, articles or
> even web sites that may offer an introductory to intermediate discussion
> of the subject.  I know that the PAUP 4.0 manual is not ready and the
> only other ref I have is Chapter 11 in a book called "Molecular
> Systematics."  Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you.
Molecular Systematics, by Hillis, Moritz and Mable, is published by
Sinauer Associates (ISBN 0-87893-282-8)

I recommend it highly. It should be very useful to you. The PAUP* 4.0
manual should also be useful; it will be available from the same
publishers (ISBN 0-87893-801-X)

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