Alternative to GELASSEMBLE ?

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Wed Apr 15 13:03:32 EST 1998

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> Hi
> Does anybody know of a suite of programs for sequencing projects that
> will take fragments longer than
> 3 kb ? And where would they be available ?
> Thanks for your suggestions

We use the Macintosh program Sequencher (soon to be available for PCs; see
<http://www.genecodes.com>) to do such things. As far as I know it has no
limit on the size of sequence fragments that it can handle. It can
directly read ABI (and other format?) automated sequencer files and
provide "chromatogram" plots to the user. It's powerful, fast, and has a
decent intuitive user interface (it appears to have been designed by
molecular biologists). The downside is that it is not inexpensive (approx.
$2000US) and it uses a hardware license key thingy that keeps you from
cheating (not that I would suggest or do such a thing).

Other programs (phrap, phred) are available that run on UNIX platforms,
but I don't know much about their capabilities.

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