system settings for GCG on IRIX 6.4

Jack Leunissen jackl at caos.kun.nl
Thu Apr 9 02:07:02 EST 1998

Dear Unix/GCG guru's,

Can someone help me to find the location of the
system settings for the IPC parameters on an SGI IRIX 6.4
system. Ita appears that the instrutions in the GCG system
manual are hopelessly out of date! AWe're running on an
Origin 200,  (2 proc. 128M RAM) and running a course with
30 simulatious users on PC's over X in Beijing currently.

Please mail back to "jackl at lsc.pku.edu.cn".

Thanks a lot,

   Jack A.M. Leunissen       | Email: jackl at caos.kun.nl
   CAOS/CAMM Center          | Tel. : +31 24 365 22 48
   University of Nijmegen    | Fax  : +31 24 365 29 77
   Nijmegen, The Netherlands | Www  : http://www.caos.kun.nl

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