WANTED: GCG External User's License

Angela Baldo anja at parvati.lv-whi.nevada.edu
Wed Sep 24 18:20:32 EST 1997


Does anyone out there know of any institutions that are (or would be
interested in) contracting out a GCG External Users License Extension?

This only costs the Licensing Institution $100/year/user if they're
academic.  We would be willing to pay more than that, just not the
entire institutional licensing fee.

Our lab is interested in this because our institution is not going to
purchase its own GCG license, but we need access to the software and
cannot afford the institution license on its own.

Please reply via email.

Thanks very much!

Angela M. Baldo
Postdoctoral Fellow, UNLV
                          Laboratory of Marcie McClure
				 (702) 895-1551

				   Box 454004
		       Department of Biological Sciences
			      University of Nevada
			    Las Vegas, NV 89154-4004


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