GCG 9.0 FASTA and EPD - core dump!

Aengus Stewart aengus.stewart at icrf.icnet.uk
Mon Sep 22 06:12:35 EST 1997

I am getting a core dump - floating point exception when runnning 9.0
FASTA against the Eukaryotic Promoter Database (EPD) from Phillip

I am building the GCG formatted files from the file that includes
sequence data from -499 to +100 around the promoter.

I have tested the formatted files with stringsearch, fetch and
wordsearch as well.  All of these work.

I went back and dug out 8.1 and tried the old FASTA.  This also works.

Anybody else come across this problem?  the only thing I can think of
that could be a problem is the high number of Ns in the sequences. 
However as 8.1 handled it why doesnt 9.0?


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