Data in EMBL but not in Genbank

Mark Cavanaugh cavanaug at lagrange.nlm.nih.gov
Tue Sep 9 18:11:52 EST 1997

N. Watanabe (nwatanab at rtc.riken.go.jp) wrote:

> Recently, we updated our DNA database for GCG.  When embltogcg was done
> for embl 51.0 ( 5/97) excluding genbank 102.0 ( 8/97), only about 200
> records are taken from EMBL (accession numbers of these are X85737,
> L45090, X99218....).  These records containing CDS but these are not on
> Genpept either.

> These 200 records are not so new data.  Does anyone know why these are
> not found in Genbank database?  Sorry, if this is a FAQ. 

Dear Dr. Watanabe,

The differences you have observed can have many causes.

L45090 (a sequence that originates at GenBank) is one of
the original pieces of the H. influenzae genome that was
eventually withdrawn from the database in favor of the
U32686 through U32848 series. L45090 is not considered
a 'live' sequence at GenBank, and has not been present in
a GenBank release since Release 94.0 (April, 1996).

X99218 (a sequence that originates at EMBL) is currently
withdrawn at GenBank as a result of a withdrawal request
from EMBL:

  Jul  3 1997 12:51PM     2515616     1435164           4        1
  Suppress : X99218 : submittor requests permanent withdrawal

This situation may have changed at EMBL since July, but
resolution of this discrepancy will have to wait until the
next occasion on which EMBL and GenBank exchange and
compare their lists of 'live' accessions. Resolution of
discrepancies is a fairly time-consuming effort, so it is
performed only a few times each year...

We are interested in your list of ~200 differences; could
you please send it to me so that I can make sure they are
all addressed during our next GenBank<->EMBL comparison?

Best regards,

Mark Cavanaugh
cavanaug at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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