Bleichenbacher Michael bleichenbacher at mol.biol.ethz.ch
Tue Sep 9 09:24:41 EST 1997

In article <5v132b$316$1 at elna.ethz.ch>, werner at inw.agrl.ethz.ch wrote:

>We are working with map-command for DNA sequences. In map we are looking 
>for restriction enzyme sites.
>Does anybody know if it is possible to distinguish between 
>restrictionenzymes cutting once, twice or multiple times 
>in a given sequence ?

Add -mincuts=x -maxcuts=y (or /mincuts=x /maxcuts=y for VMS) to your
command line. The chosen enzymes that cut x to y times are listed below
the mapped sequence.

It's not exactly the answer to your question but may help.


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