Data in EMBL but not in Genbank

N. Watanabe nwatanab at rtc.riken.go.jp
Tue Sep 9 04:12:40 EST 1997


Recently, we updated our DNA database for GCG.  When embltogcg was done
for embl 51.0 ( 5/97) excluding genbank 102.0 ( 8/97), only about 200
records are taken from EMBL (accession numbers of these are X85737,
L45090, X99218....).  These records containing CDS but these are not on
Genpept either.

These 200 records are not so new data.  Does anyone know why these are
not found in Genbank database?  Sorry, if this is a FAQ. 

One more question, in the Genbank.csh script;

>accessionnumbers GenBankDir:*.ref GenBankDir:genbank.exclude \
    -Primary -Summary -Default

Why is this -Primary option required?


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