stringsearch oddness

Harry Hahn h3 at ucla.edu
Thu Oct 30 14:48:01 EST 1997

I just noticed that stringsearch, which works fine for me and for root,
does not work properly for any of the other users. For them, any search
through definitions will report 0 sequences searched, 0 sequences found.
Searches through annotations appears to work correctly.

I'm not sure how long this problem has existed- I did do the 9.1 update
last week and it may have cropped up then. I've even rebuilt the indices
with seqcat but that didn't fix it.

Any ideas what may be set up wrong? The fact that it only works for root
and me properly seems important but I trace it to anything...


Harry Hahn <h3 at ucla.edu>
Research and Instructional Biocomputing Services - UCLA

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