stringsearch oddness

Harry Hahn h3 at ucla.edu
Thu Oct 30 16:46:28 EST 1997

In article <h3-3010971148020001 at lepton.ribs.ucla.edu>, h3 at ucla.edu (Harry
Hahn) wrote:

> I just noticed that stringsearch, which works fine for me and for root,
> does not work properly for any of the other users.

OK, I hang my head in shame. For some reason, the .seqcat files in
gcggenbank did not have the read permission set and I failed to notice
this. I've flipped the bit and things are now working as expected.

Thanks to those that pointed me in the right direction.


Harry Hahn <h3 at ucla.edu>
Research and Instructional Biocomputing Services - UCLA

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