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> Dear GCGers-
>          If I am using my Mac as a front end
> for a VAX to run gcg programs, how do
> i print the output and/or save it as a file
> i can manipulate in a mac graphics program??
>         i tried the vax postscript command
> to no avail, i get the commands printed out on
> reams of paper [very environmentally unfriendly].
> thanks,
> marc

Two suggestions:

1) get Drop€PS, a little free program that lets you print postcript
files directly from a Mac to a laserprinter.

           get it from Bare Bones software

Of course, you must first FTP the postscript files from the VAX to
your Mac.  In GCG use SetPlot to set up postscript as your file output
format, run your program and chose postscript as the output format,
then grab the postscript file (a file with the .PS extension) from the VAX 
with Fetch (or some other Mac FTP program. Once the file is on your
Mac, just drop it onto Drop€PS and it prints!

2) save the output from your GCG program in GCG FIGURE format.
Some programs require that you use the /FIG modifying command
when you run the program at the command line.

FTP the output file (with the .FIG extension) to your Mac, then open 
the file with the GCGFigure program (free from www.gcg.com).  This
will let you print or save the image as a Macintosh PICT file.

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