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Cornelius Krasel krasel at wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Oct 22 03:20:44 EST 1997

glux at msvax.mssm.edu wrote:
>          If I am using my Mac as a front end
> for a VAX to run gcg programs, how do
> i print the output and/or save it as a file
> i can manipulate in a mac graphics program??

Basically there are three possibilities:

a) Use a terminal program with Tektronix emulation. NCSA Telnet, Versaterm
   are two of them (I've been told that the successor of NCSA Telnet,
   BetterTelnet, also has Tek graphics). Quality of the graphics is not
   very good.

b) If you have a reasonably powerful Mac, get an X-Windows Server. I
   know of two, MacX and eXceed. My experience with them has been
   rather limited, and I was not impressed (comparing eXceed on a
   PowerMac 6100/60 to Linux on a 486DX2/66).

c) Fiddle with the postscript output. There is a program which can
   translate postscript to illustrator format, thereby allowing
   subsequent manipulation. However, the illustrator files are
   often *very* complex and you will need a powerful machine to
   work in a reasonable speed.

>         i tried the vax postscript command
> to no avail, i get the commands printed out on
> reams of paper [very environmentally unfriendly].

Sounds like you printed the postscript as text. To print raw postscript, 
you need something that directly sends the postscript to the printer,
like the LaserWriter Utilities.

Hope that helps,

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