telnet clients for GCG graphics

Steve Thompson stevet at wsu.edu
Fri Oct 10 11:41:39 EST 1997

In Article <h3-0910971803130001 at lepton.biology.ucla.edu>, h3 at ucla.edu (Harry
Hahn) wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a freeware Windows telnet client that has support for
>one form or another of GCG graphics? We currently recommend Kea, which
>does regis, but I'm guessing there must be a freeware alternative.
>On the Macintosh, do any clients other than Versaterm and BetterTelnet
>support any of GCG's graphic options? Versaterm has a horrible interface
>and is a pain for us to support while BetterTelnet's tektronix is slow and
>not optimal.
>Harry Hahn <h3 at ucla.edu>
>Research and Instructional Biocomputing Services - UCLA

Can't recommend much on the DOS/Windows side but I, for one, happen to think
that VersaTerm Pro is fantastic.  It is by far my favorite implementation of
Telnet and its Tek4105 emulation is superb with great recall, zoom, and cut
and paste ability between it and all other Mac apps.  For a freeby Mac
Telnet/Tek emulator check out NCSA Telnet v2.7b.  I do NOT recommend earlier
versions - the Tek emulation is really bad.  v2.7b provides a very good
Telnet sesson and a mediocre Tek window.  Another alternative on ALL
platforms is X.  This is especially attractive because it allows the use of
GCG's SeqLab interface which I happen to think is the proverbial "best thing
since sliced bread!"  Brands of X server software have been discussed here
before and I won't open that can of worms.  As far as I know there are no
acceptable freeby X emulators available.

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