Parsing findpatterns output

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at chouchen.u-strasbg.fr
Wed Oct 1 07:18:11 EST 1997

	Hi all,

	If you use findpatterns, you can have this (standard output):

           BT09237_1  ck: 8916  len: 910   ! U09237 product: "auxilin";...

1                     (L,I,V,M,F)HCXXGXXX(S,T,C)(S,T,A,G)X(L,I,V,M,F,Y)
           159: KNVCV                   VHCLDGRAASSIL                   VGAMF

	Or this (FOSN output):

     TRREL:BT09237_1  ck: 8916  len: 910    finds: 1    ! U09237 product: ...

	But what I need is this:

TRREL:BT09237_1 Begin:100 End:200 ! comments

	So that I can use this as input for other programmes. I could do
such programme, but if someone already done, this could be faster.

				Thanks for any help,

François Jeanmougin     | groupe de bioinformatique / bioinformatics groupe
tel:(+33) 3 88 65 32 71 | IGBMC BP 163 67404 Illkirch France

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