BetterTelnet etc.

Paul Roy proy at rsvs.ulaval.ca
Fri Nov 14 15:14:29 EST 1997

Dear GCGers:

     I have installed BetterTelnet and it does give correct Tek4105
graphics (Telnet 2.6 messed up the lettering.)  However, there seem to be
a few bugs (features?):

1.   When I log on to our host computer using a saved set, it is trying to
do a second login to "nowhere.loopback.edu" and, after a couple of
minutes, gives an error message

2.   How do I set it so the host computer "listens" to ctrl-C?  It always
spits out the entire file no matter how big.

3.   Why doesn't the window close on logout?

In a completely different matter, can someone remind me of the title and
publisher of a sequence analysis textbook that was mentioned a few months
ago on this list?  I recall that it was a two-volume set with the part
pertinent to GCG in the first volume.

Thanks in advance,


 Paul H. Roy                             Phone:  +1 418 654 2705
 Departement de biochimie,FSG            FAX:    +1 418 654 2715
 Universite Laval                        E-mail: proy at rsvs.ulaval.ca
 Quebec, QC  G1K 7P4


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